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Calendar Qualities

Our calendars are for twelve months - January, 2002, to December, 2002.
The overall size of each calendar is approx. 11" x 17" with a spiral binding across the top, creating a flip-page style with no seam mid-page. Printing is in high quality four-colour process.

Photographs are in sepia-tones with Jake, the black Labrador Retriever who is our recurring symbol of Joanne, in glossy black. In most photos his red collar is our highlight spot colour.

There are six indoor photos and six scenic outdoor photographs each with a bilingual caption. Each photograph occupies approximately half of the 11" x 17" page. The calendar template and spacing occupy the remainder. There is a palliative care "fact" at the lower edge of each page.

Whenever possible, text on the Women, Age, Grace and Laughter calendars proudly appears in both the English and French languages (or both official languages of Canada)

Ordering Information

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